Donor Heroes

Meet Our Donor Heroes!

Auntie Anne’s

Avanti High School

Bailey’s IGA – Rochester

Black Lake Elementary

Bon Appetite

Boston Harbor Elementary School

Capital High School

The Capitol Building

Centennial Elementary School


Cutter Point

E Safeway

East Olympia Elementary

Evergreen State College

Fred Meyer Lacey

Garfield Elementary School

Grand Mound Elementary


Hansen Elementary School

Jefferson Middle School

Jersey Mike’s

John’s Bakery

Lincoln Elementary School

Little Debbie’s

LP Brown Elementary School

Madison Elementary School

Marshall Middle School

McKenny Elementary School

McLane Elementary School

Meconis Subs

Michael T. Simmons Elementary

Mountain View Elementary

North Thurston Food Warehouse

Old School Pizza

Olive Garden

Olympia High School

Olympic Crest Coffee

Pepperidge Farm

Peter G. Schmidt Elementary

Pioneer Elementary School

Pizza Hut

Red Lobster

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Reeves Middle School

Rochester High School

Rochester Middle School

Rochester Primary School

Roosevelt Elementary School

Safeway – Olympia

Saint Martin’s

Seven Oaks Elementary

St. Peter’s Hospital

Starbucks – Lacey

Starbucks – Avery Lane

Starbucks – Center Drive

Starbucks – College Street

Starbucks – Martin Way

Starbucks – Station Drive

Texaco – Olympia

Tumwater Hill Elementary

Tumwater Middle School

W Safeway

Washington Middle School

And Countless Anonymous Donors

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